Photo Gallery

Thank you for being part of a community that supports local arts and culture!

Art everywhere!

Become a walking-talking masterpiece with yourself as the canvas!

"Little Red Robin Hood," 2014

Robin (Phoebe May) saved the Forest from the dastardly Sheriff with the help of her merry band of misfits in our original production, “Little Red Robin Hood,” from our 2nd annual festival in 2014.

Fun in the summer sun

Soak in vitamin D for the body, and enjoy arts and culture for the soul – always the first Saturday in August.

Hello up there!

Our friends at Rise Up Fitness bring incredible acrobatics to the festival – look up, they just might be over your head right now!

Arts & crafts galore!

Decorate a mask, make a sock puppet, swing a cardboard sword, write a poem…our arts & crafts activities fill the park, with tons of projects to create, build, design, and use! Midsummer Arts is all about hands-on interaction with art. Get your hands dirty, be an artist!

South Albany Theater Arts

South Albany Theater Arts has been a major part of Midsummer Arts since our first year, bringing performers, volunteers, and all-around great kids every summer. Here, Scotti Anderson and Kira Prince bring the laughs in a one-act comedy on the main stage.

Dressed for success

Midsummer Arts is a lot of fun, but watch out! You just might learn a thing or two. Perhaps about costume design, historical attire, and British monarchs who wore such dresses? How about stage combat, haiku poetry, or hiphop dance? You never know what you might take away from the festival.

Our volunteers - the heart of the festival

We couldn’t do what we do without a dedicated, enthusiastic squad of amazing volunteers. Want to get in on the fun? Contact us about how you can put smiles on faces and promote local arts and culture in Albany!


Listen to Dogberry (Dan Stone), from our 2013 production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” – Midsummer Arts is the place for all creative spirits and lovers of art. Always the first Saturday in August…huzzah!